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Marius Ulrich: Motivation Story

As promised with a little delay, we are proud to bring you our first Milers Motivation story.

Every runner has a story to tell and we all go through times in our sport. Running is a damn hard sport after all and to stay motivated for a long period of time can be challenging.

To help you remember how to get through tough times and to enjoy the grind, this story about our Miler Marius Ulrich (28) will hopefully do the trick.

Check out our Instagram story to read about his running journey including failed high jump attempts, international endeavors, gruesome injuries and comeback qualities!

Marius (28) is one of the quickes milers, with PBs of 1:51,9 (800m), 3:50,0 (1500m) and 15:25 (5000m).

Milers Menu

Milers Menu: Low Intensity – Long Run

The long run – A MILERS Sunday classic that should be part of every runners workout palette 🎨

🔺 Science shows that training volume has the most significant impact on endurance performance 📈
🔺Long runs increase the ability the use fat as a source of energy 🔋 due to successive glycogen depletion
🔺Long runs are especially important for longer running performance (HM+) in order to train (neuro)muscular fatigue
🔺Recovery methods like stretching, foam rolling etc. help prepare the next training session after a long run


Dynamic stretch & mobilization // while waiting for GPS 😉

Main Course

Easy running – 80 mins and above


Stretch & Foam roll before going to bed 🙂

Milers Profiles

Thomas Claeßens: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … It is Super Thomas with his loyal sidekick putting on his cape.

You want to know who the other Super Milers are?
During the following weeks we will introduce some faces of our crew and their personal stories.

So be excited! More to come…

Milers Colonia Milers Profiles

René Giesen, Martin Schumacher: Track Sunday

Pure running experience: @rene.giesen and @martin_loves_running enjoying the sun and the pain during one of the Milers track sessions.

Milers Menu

Milers Menu: Fartlek

A fall and winter classic! 🍁🍂
Fartlek has its origin in Sweden 🇸🇪 during the 1930s and is one of the earliest forms of interval training.

🔺It combines easy running with higher intensity running.
🔺 The “spices” during a fartlek can vary in intensity. In this case the 30s interval could be a submaximal sprint, 1min interval 1500m- 5000m pace and 2min interval 5K-10K pace with 2-3min easy running in between.

❗️ The cool thing is Fartlek can have many forms and you can get creative 🤹🏽. For example run hard for 30-60s each time you reach an incline or every time you make a left turn. Just mix it up in order have a wide array of different paces in your training.


10 minutes warm-up

Main Course

5x (30/60/120 seconds) fartlek | varying intensity | 2-3 minutes recovery


20 minutes cool-down | mobility

Motivaton Monday

Motivation Monday

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to talk about motivation. Soon, we’ll use this day to share inspiring stories from the Milers. But before we do, let’s ask ourselves if there is a right or wrong way to be motivated.

In sports psychology, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are commonly known concepts.

Extrinsic means, very broadly speaking, that you are motivated by external factors. Those could be monetary benefits, championships, titles, peer pressure, fear of punishment or judgement – just to name a few. Being externally motivated can be very effective and is not necessarily the ‚wrong‘ kind of motivation. In fact, for short term success, extrinsic motivation can be very helpful.

But generally speaking, to achieve consistently high levels of motivation over longer periods of time, intrinsic motivation is likely to be more effective.

Intrinsic motivation makes use of internal factors, such as enjoyment, longing for mastery and an aim to self-improve. If we find joy in the daily grind of running and are driven by our purpose to make the best of our own abilities instead of external rewards, it is likely that we stick to our sport no matter which setback comes our way.

So sayings like ,falling in love with the process‘ or ‚embracing the grind‘ do hold some value after all!

What are some motivators in your life that keep you running like a maniac in the winter months?