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First up: Hill Reps💥

  • High intensity workout for a big boost of your VO2max and strength endurance.
  • Rely on perceived exertion (feeling) for proper pacing. If the first reps are tough already, you‘re probably too fast.
  • Stack your reps in multiple sets to reduce muscular fatigue.
  • Uphill Running reduces impact but activates additional muscles mass (hamstrings/ glutes)
  • Warm-Up properly and give the legs a good stretch afterwards
  • don’t forget to smile 😁 #smilers


15 minutes warm-up | drills & strides

Main Course

3x 5x 40 seconds uphil | jog down | 3 minutes set recovery


20 minutes cool-down| mobilisation

Milers Colonia


Truly challenging your own limits as a runner is a tremendous mental and physical challenge. Staying motivated and committed to the sport can be tough at times, but ultimately extremely rewarding. Every runner who has reached an ambitious goal -whether it is a crazy PB, a first marathon, or an Olympic gold medal – will agree that all the sacrifices are worth it, when we can experience those special moments.

During COVID times however, it is difficult to come across those special moments. When runners can not reward themselves because races are cancelled, it is important to remember why we started our running journey in the first place and what kept us going when we faced challenges before.

To help you remember, we will share some inspiring anecdotes and stories from our Milers from time to time as part of our #MilersMotivation series. Tales about perfect races, impressive comebacks, tough challenges and about how we fell in love with our sport.

Feel free to share your own story with us, so we can stay #ambitioustogether !

Milers Colonia

Train with us!

Due to COVID-19 we need to limit running to one running buddy for now. Once things settle though, we hope to see you at our OPEN Milers Workouts (Tempo & Long Run) 🚂 Swipe right for more Info 🔥 and stay tuned.

Milers Colonia

Becoming a miler?

If we have caught your attention and you WANT TO JOIN the gang? For more INFORMATION message us, visit our homepage ( and stay up to date here.

You are very welcome to join us and stay at your local club.! You are all-in and want to represent the MILERS in competition? Join the Milers Colonia 2020 e.V. (CLUB) with official athletics starting license (DLV-Startpass)!

Milers Colonia


We are an OPEN group of runners striving for AMBITIOUS goals TOGETHER. OPEN includes everyone who identifies with our values – no matter which club you belong to.

It is our philosophy to become motivated and stronger as a COLLECTIVE. Running is our PASSION.

We train hard but also laugh, socialize and have FUN together off the TRACK, ROAD or TRAILS.

Milers Colonia

Our ambition

We believe running builds CHARACTER and conveys VALUES. We would love to see you regularly but are also excited if you rock intervals with us when just visiting Cologne. NO BARRIERS, no obligations.

This sounds great to you and you are multi-talented? You are welcome to PARTICIPATE off the track. Our individual TALENTS help us to strive together!

Our wish is to create a new and attractive STAGE for runners. We want to TRAIN, CONNECT, COMPETE and CELEBRATE together.