Milers Colonia Motivaton Monday

Milers movement

If you have read our first posts, you might remember that Milers Colonia is not only meant to be a running hub for basically anybody who wants to be part of a motivated, fun and ambitious training group, regardless of club membership.

We also officially founded Milers Colonia as a club, so whoever wants to proudly wear the Milers singlet in competition can do just that.

For our upcoming first official season as a club – 2021 – we were able to attract some of the best runners in and around Cologne to have a strong team full of local running expertise and talent right out of the gate.

You will be able to get to know some of them more closely in our #milersmotivation series, but also we will release a roster of our team as an IG story!

Stay tuned to see who is supporting the Milers and who is representing them in competition 😎