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🧨 High velocity running is of special interest for 800m and 1500m racing 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️ 💨
🧨 The anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) enables high amounts of energy output 🔥 in short periods of time for high velocity running/ sprinting
🧨 The ability to supply high amounts of energy anaerobically can be increased by high speed intervals. To keep speed high, longer recovery periods are necessary
🧨 The flip side of highly anaerobic work is increasing acidity 🧪 of our muscles eventually hindering muscle contraction and causing us to stop running🧨 Lactate is an indicator for energy being supplied anaerobically but is not the actual cause for muscular acidity (its the number of H+ ions) ⚡️
🧨 The aerobic metabolism (with oxygen) can help clear lactate from muscle and use it as an energy supply


15 mins warmup // drills // 4-6 strides

Main Course

5x 400m, 1500m race pace, 3min jog // 4x 200m, 800m race pace, 2min jog


30min cool down // 2nd session 40min easy run