Milers Colonia

We are a Cologne based team of mid- and long distance athletes.

From a “bidding / searching endurance run” WhatsApp group chat, a crew has developed that is ambitious and passionate about pushing new dimensions of club overarching team spirit. Our ground rules are tolerance, respect, supporting each other and joy in running 🙂

Though we are hungry!


We are a (mid) distance crew, competing predominately in events 800m+ up to ultras – on the track, the trails and the road.

We stand for team spirit, dedication and hard work but also for some chill conversations about the latest carbon shoes and world records same as for some off-track fun.

What makes us unique?
We are not bound to clubs, locations or coaches. We are open to anyone who wants to get on the #paintrain to push his/her own boundaries and to have a nice chat with the #milers on our weekly Sunday long runs.


We share a great passion for running, team spirit and quick splits. We chase #PB s, national standards, competitors and strava segments to see what we can achieve as a team – our motto: #ambitioustogether!

We are located in Colonia (=Cologne, for non-insiders) and do most of our runs and sessions near the Stadtwald, a green spot close to the soccer stadium of the FC Köln.


Most of us have a long lasting relationship with running, over the last decades, each of us collected some unique memories of the joy and pain of running so we believe, we share some basic understanding of what it means and what it takes to become a great athlete. Even though we are just starting our history as #milerscolonia, we share a vast experience of competitive running with some professional runners and triathletes among us. Beyond that, there are professional sport scientists, certified coaches, as well as sport psycholgical experts who are already part of the Milers.

We carry our regional heritage – the #Kölner Dom – in our logo and identify with the colourful, open-minded and collaborative culture of our founding city.


We are no #joggers. We enjoy chatting on our easy runs but when its go time, we race. If you are looking for a group that helps you push your limits, gives you advice on the newest running gear or introduces you to some new loops around Cologne, feel free to hit us up and ask for details. We always love a great chat with new running enthusiasts. Milers Colonia is open to anyone who can identify with our idea and who wants to become a better runner – regardless of club membership!

The daily grind made easy with good company.
Working on ourselves for ourselves but not by ourselves!

Join the milers’ movement.