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Can we become a faster runner without running? 🧐 You bet👈🏻 Slide for our weekly training program 🏋🏽 and find more details below 👇🏽

💡Endurance performance is substantially influenced by movement economy
💡we can improve our running economy by performing strength or plyometric training (reactive jumping)
💡that way we need less energy/ oxygen for a given running speed and become more economical
💡applying more force against the ground increases our flight time and reduces oxygen cost
💡with reactive jumps we further reduce time on the ground ( ground reaction time )


Dynamic stretch & mobility | 10 mins easy run

Main Course

2 x 30 sec lunges (for- / sidewards) | 3 x 6 box jumps | 3 x 30 sec ankle jumps | 3 x 8 squat jumps | 2 x 10 one-legged stair jumps (l/r)


Stretching before going to bed