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Hello 2021

Milers Colonia Motivaton Monday

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If you have read our first posts, you might remember that Milers Colonia is not only meant to be a running hub for basically anybody who wants to be part of a motivated, fun and ambitious training group, regardless of club membership.

We also officially founded Milers Colonia as a club, so whoever wants to proudly wear the Milers singlet in competition can do just that.

For our upcoming first official season as a club – 2021 – we were able to attract some of the best runners in and around Cologne to have a strong team full of local running expertise and talent right out of the gate.

You will be able to get to know some of them more closely in our #milersmotivation series, but also we will release a roster of our team as an IG story!

Stay tuned to see who is supporting the Milers and who is representing them in competition 😎

Milers Colonia

Flashback to sunny times

Flashback to times when the sun was shining, the Milers were still #smilers and the numbers of corona cases were low.

But don’t let Lockdown discourage you! We are looking forward to the days it is possible to train together again and to enjoy the great spirit of running in a group.

Stay healthy, continue running while keeping the social distancing rules and keep your spirit!

Milers Profiles

Thomas Claeßens: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … It is Super Thomas with his loyal sidekick putting on his cape.

You want to know who the other Super Milers are?
During the following weeks we will introduce some faces of our crew and their personal stories.

So be excited! More to come…

Milers Colonia Milers Profiles

René Giesen, Martin Schumacher: Track Sunday

Pure running experience: @rene.giesen and @martin_loves_running enjoying the sun and the pain during one of the Milers track sessions.