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Milers Menu: Anaerobic Speed

🧨 High velocity running is of special interest for 800m and 1500m racing 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️ 💨
🧨 The anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) enables high amounts of energy output 🔥 in short periods of time for high velocity running/ sprinting
🧨 The ability to supply high amounts of energy anaerobically can be increased by high speed intervals. To keep speed high, longer recovery periods are necessary
🧨 The flip side of highly anaerobic work is increasing acidity 🧪 of our muscles eventually hindering muscle contraction and causing us to stop running🧨 Lactate is an indicator for energy being supplied anaerobically but is not the actual cause for muscular acidity (its the number of H+ ions) ⚡️
🧨 The aerobic metabolism (with oxygen) can help clear lactate from muscle and use it as an energy supply


15 mins warmup // drills // 4-6 strides

Main Course

5x 400m, 1500m race pace, 3min jog // 4x 200m, 800m race pace, 2min jog


30min cool down // 2nd session 40min easy run

Milers Profiles

Thomas Claeßens: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … It is Super Thomas with his loyal sidekick putting on his cape.

You want to know who the other Super Milers are?
During the following weeks we will introduce some faces of our crew and their personal stories.

So be excited! More to come…

Milers Colonia Milers Profiles

René Giesen, Martin Schumacher: Track Sunday

Pure running experience: @rene.giesen and @martin_loves_running enjoying the sun and the pain during one of the Milers track sessions.

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Truly challenging your own limits as a runner is a tremendous mental and physical challenge. Staying motivated and committed to the sport can be tough at times, but ultimately extremely rewarding. Every runner who has reached an ambitious goal -whether it is a crazy PB, a first marathon, or an Olympic gold medal – will agree that all the sacrifices are worth it, when we can experience those special moments.

During COVID times however, it is difficult to come across those special moments. When runners can not reward themselves because races are cancelled, it is important to remember why we started our running journey in the first place and what kept us going when we faced challenges before.

To help you remember, we will share some inspiring anecdotes and stories from our Milers from time to time as part of our #MilersMotivation series. Tales about perfect races, impressive comebacks, tough challenges and about how we fell in love with our sport.

Feel free to share your own story with us, so we can stay #ambitioustogether !

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Train with us!

Due to COVID-19 we need to limit running to one running buddy for now. Once things settle though, we hope to see you at our OPEN Milers Workouts (Tempo & Long Run) 🚂 Swipe right for more Info 🔥 and stay tuned.